10 Key Jobs for a Cleaner and Cosier July

During winter, life inside is so much more pleasant (and warmer) if you move around a bit and get things done...

When the weather closes in, it’s so easy just to hibernate and wait for the warmer weather to arrive before you tackle household jobs. But if you use this time of year to complete some indoor jobs, with the focus on keeping your living space clean and healthy, you’ll enjoy your ‘hibernation’ even more.

1. Freshen up the atmosphere
When the weather allows, throw open your windows and doors to ventilate the house. Fresh, dry winter air is a great way to reduce mould and mildew, especially in the bathroom.

Check and replace any dampness absorbers and look into nooks and crannies for mould build up. Keep those little silicon sachets you get when you buy new shoes and put them inside shoes or shoe storage areas and drawers to keep the damp at bay.


2. Work the windows
Add a sun-drenched feel to your home in the colder month of July by ensuring as much winter sunlight enters a room as possible. For example, hang another layer of sheer curtains under your heavier ones to allow the natural light to flood in. Or angle the blades of blinds and shutters to control the light.


3. Shine the surfaces

Your home will sparkle like it’s springtime if you clean down all the surfaces in your home, including kitchen and laundry benchtops, the bathroom vanity and office desks.

4. Go green
You can fill your sitting rooms with plants and flowers to bring the outside in or make a statement with a large potted plant, which looks lush and tropical but also has the added benefit of freshening the air inside during winter, when doors and windows are often closed.


5. Bounce the light
A well-placed mirror can quickly and effectively reflect natural light and make a small space feel larger. You could even consider (and plan) replacing a solid wooden door with a door that has glass or frosted panels... Click to see more on using mirrors


6. Spice it up
Spices have a short shelf life, but it’s often not until we move house that we find our spices are years out of date!

Spices, stored correctly, have a shelf life of about six months once opened. If you decant your spices and date the bottle, you can throw the spices out once they’re reached that date. Spices lose their flavour over time, so this is important if you love your food well-flavoured.

Find a spice storage system that works for you. It can be dedicated spice bottles or something as simple as small zip lock bags.


7. Freeze frame

Now’s a great time to clear out the freezer and get some meals pre-prepped and back into the (clean) freezer.

Once you’ve emptied out the freezer, make up a solution of equal parts hot water, vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. Pour the solution into a spray bottle and spray the surface of the freezer. Wipe down with a damp cloth and you’re good to go.

There’s an abundance of recipe sites available now, so search out your favourite meals and be prepared for those nights when you just can’t face a long night in the kitchen.

How to deep-clean your fridge


8. Wash the doors

It’s not something you’d do every week but you’ll be surprised how cleaning – yes, actually washing – the doors every once in a while will really make a difference to the look of your home. 

Start by dusting down the doors using a slightly dampened cloth. Use soapy water and a sponge to clean wooden, painted doors. Pay special attention to the little grooves and ledges that gather dust. Dry the surface with a soft, dry cloth.

After dusting, wipe down any glass surfaces with a microfibre cloth and then polish away the smears with a soft, dry cloth. Then, check the hardware and tighten any loose screws. Polish the handles and clean and oil any squeaky hinges.


9. Clean the shutters
Mid-year may be just the right time to attend to jobs you’ve put off, such as cleaning the shutters and blinds throughout the house. 

Start by spreading a dust sheet to capture any falling dust and debris. Dust or vacuum away any built-up dust. Use some warm, soapy water and a damp cloth to wipe down each blade and then dry with a soft cloth.


10. Organise under the bench

Attend to that under-sink dumping ground in either the kitchen or laundry with these practical strategies. 

  • Use small lazy susans for easy access to cleaning supplies. Place all your regular cleaning supplies into one, easy-to-reach basket.
  • Repurpose a wine rack to hold drink bottles and/or cleaning bottles. Document holders are great for storing rolls of bin liners, plastic wrap, tin foil etc.
  • Install a row of hooks inside the cupboard door to hang tea towels, gloves and cleaning cloths.
  • Add some stick-on lights under the sink to light up the space.


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